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In a world of interdependence the difference between success or failure hinges on your ability to see, shape, and shift your broader ecosystem.  For many organizations, however, the attempt at ecosystem innovation is a costly failure, characterized by unmet promises and missed expectations.  Delays and compromises are the norm.  This is because, along with new opportunities, innovation ecosystems also present a new set of risks that can brutally derail a firm’s own best efforts. Great execution is necessary – but no longer sufficient – to assure success.

Our proprietary methodology, based on decades of research, is a breakthrough approach that will help you and your team eliminate your strategy blind spots.   Managing ecosystem challenges does not require overturning core management principles.  It does, however, require a new way of thinking about the full set of stakeholders that stand between you and your end customer's ability to realize your full value proposition.  Whether you are pursuing incremental improvements in established products or services or launching bold new innovations, our talented team can assist you in developing a comprehensive ecosystem strategy that will multiply your odds of success. 

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