Constructing the ideal ecosystem.

What We Offer


Managing ecosystem challenges requires a new way of thinking about the full set of stakeholders that stand between you and your end user.  Whether you are pursuing incremental improvements in established products or launching bold new initiatives, our talented team can assist you in developing a comprehensive ecosystem strategy that will multiply your odds of success.  

Go-to-market strategies

Fundamentally new go-to-market strategy: Launching a new innovation when any stakeholder has a new role, a new position, competing interests or misaligned incentives is an ecosystem challenge that requires a different approach than your other products and services.   

Our approach uses a variety of tools including identifying the minimally viable ecosystem, a segmented approach to scale and ecosystem carryover strategies that have had significant impact in helping our clients right-size expectations and ensure a more successful launch. 

internal ecosystem alignment

Internal stakeholders can be just as disruptive to implementing ecosystem strategies as external stakeholders and are often overlooked or misunderstood. Our approach has a strong focus from the onset of the project on understanding the perspective of all relevant stakeholders and identifying the most critical linkages in the internal ecosystem that must be aligned to ensure successful execution.   

Internal strategies to support external launches: This involves new conversations, new relationships and often new incentives to create buy-in for the ecosystem strategy and eliminate internal resistance that can stymie even the most compelling strategy. 

Your role in the macro ecosystem

Senior executive teams are increasingly tasked with spending time and energy on the macro ecosystem environment to prepare the organization and its shareholders for the future.  But seeing the future isn’t enough.   

  • Our team helps executives and boards answer the necessary questions to secure your place in this future macro ecosystem including: 

  • What will your position be – leader or smart follower? 

  • What is the realistic time-frame to make your plans and be ready to emerge in the right role at the right time? 

  • Does it demand big bold moves or a segmented approach? 

  • Knowing these answers is just as important as seeing the potential threats and opportunities in your broader ecosystem. 

Building internal capabilities

Our most requested service is helping organizations cascade the application of the Wide Lens methodology throughout their organizations.  Our experience has shown us that engaging with clients on an impactful strategy, product or service launch, either prospectively or retrospectively, helps build buy-in for the methodology and creates stickiness within the organization.   

That experience coupled with our formal training and online software application builds the necessary expertise in-house to make this approach a cultural competency. 


Due Diligence on new opportunities

Responsible leaders and their boards know that asking tough questions and coming up with answers are vital to the success of a strategic opportunity.  These questions tend to be focused on what you know to ask or the expected traps and pitfalls to execution and in an increasingly complex ecosystem that is insufficient to ensure you can meet the expectations you set.   

Our team helps you ask and answer what else do you need, who else do you need and how can they be aligned.  While there will always be unknowns that can’t be forecasted, our methodology has proven to help clients greatly improve their odds of success.